Child Custody FAQ

What is Time-Sharing and Child Custody in Florida

In Florida, the word time-sharing refers to how much time, over nighttime usually, each parent will spend with a minor child or children after the divorce. The court is to determine that based on the best interest of the children and also applying a list of factors under Florida law to each case to determine the division of time-sharing between parents.

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What is Child Support

Child support is a financial award issued by the court, requiring one parent to pay child support to the other parent. It’s based on a mathematical equation, that has at least five factors that are plugged in to make the determination, as to the amount of child support which must be paid.

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Can a Florida Court order a Parent to Take a Drug Test to Determine Child Custody or Time Sharing

Yes, a Florida court has the power and authority to order one of the parents to go through drug testing before allowing that parent to have time sharing with the minor children. It depends on the facts of each case and the amount of proof that is given to the judge before drug testing is ordered.

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At What Age Can Children Decide With Which Parent They Want to Live

Under Florida law, there’s no set age for a child to decide where they would like to live. It’s up to the court if the parents can’t agree. The older a child is, the more likely the court will put more weight on that child’s preference as to where they want to live.

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Can Grandparent be Awarded Child Custody or Time Sharing in Florida

In Florida, it’s possible for a grandparent, or relative, to be awarded time sharing with a child. It has to be based on a certain particular factual situation where a parent agrees or the grandchild actually is already living with the grandparent.

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Can a Parent with a History of Domestic Violence Get Custody of a Child

In Florida, in each case is different. Depending on the circumstances of the domestic violence and who it was committed against, and how long ago it was can definitely be something that a court would consider in awarding parental responsibility and time sharing.

Do the Wishes of the Child Matter is Child Custody in Florida

Under Florida law, one of the factors that a court is to consider, is the preference of the child as to time sharing between both parents after a divorce. The older the child is, the more likely the court will consider the preference of the child in deciding how much time that child will spend with each parent.

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Can Child Custody or Time Sharing Right be Modified in Florida

Under Florida law, time-sharing can always be modified by the court if circumstances substantially change since the last court order. It’s based on a number of different factors, but it all boils down to what is in the best interest of the minor child.

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Are Florida Courts More Likely to Award Child Custody or Time Sharing to Mothers Over Fathers

Not anymore. Florida courts are required to apply a list of factors to each particular case to determine what is in the best interest of the child as far as how much time is spent with each parent and the sex of the parent is not supposed to be a consideration under Florida law.

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